Rover V8 Short Water Pump

A lot of people know the P6 water pump is much shorter than the SD1 but what is the super short water pump on the right?

  • On the left is the standard Rover SD1 Water Pump.
  • On the right is the Rover V8 Serpentine Water Pump.

As you can see, the later 3.9 Land Rover Serpentine water pump, is much shorter at 105.5mm: saving 47mm or nearly 2 inches on the SD1 pump.

Rover V8 Short Water Pump

To fit this water pump you’ll also need the matching timing chain cover. See:

Rover V8 Water Pump CAD

If the length of the Rover V8 is an issue, this is your best option. Once I have the sump drawn up I have a complete set of Rover V8 dimensions. So watch this space!

Rover V8 Dimensions