Rover V8 Sierra Clutch

As you can see in the picture above the Rover V8 Clutch (right) is much bigger than the Sierra clutch left.

How did I quickly and very cheaply solve this problem?

The Rover V8 has a 272mm clutch. The Sierra has a 241mm clutch. The splines are also different between the two.

This sounds like a it could well be a complete nightmare right?

As luck would have it the Ford Transit is also fitted with a 272mm clutch and a MT75 gearbox. These are available on fleabay for very little money (I paid £12, for a brand new one). A quarter of what you’d pay for either the Sierra or the Rover.

I figured for this money it was worth taking the gamble that the Transit clutch fitted the Sierra box as well.

Rover V8 with MT75 Gearbox

It did 🙂

It was also perfect sized for the Rover V8 Vitesse Clutch housing. Also good.

But hey…. Wait a minute this Transit clutch housing looks very, very similar to the Rover item.

TA DAR! They are pretty much identical. More importantly the bolt spacings are identical.

Rover V8 Transit Clutch

It’s hard to see in the above photo but these two really are a perfect match.

What a bargain!!!

My MT75 gearbox with welded on BW35 automatic gearbox is getting pretty close to be bolted up to my Rover V8 for the very first time. I tried my best to get everything aligned perfectly – but it’s still a tense wait.