Rover V8 Stainless Headers

Rover V8 Stainless Headers

I’ve started to mock-up and make some Rover V8 Stainless Headers for 1/4 of the retail price! They’re made from an old vacuum cleaner, cheap Chinese collectors and laser cut header plates.

I’d been looking for cheap stainless tube bends on the auction sites and once I priced up enough to make some headers, added on some collectors, I was looking at nearly £250 worth of parts.

In the corner of the workshop was a broken Numatic vacuum cleaner with a stainless hose handle. I was about to throw it out, when I realised the stainless tube would be ideal for exhaust tubing.

The Numatic part number is 602919 – 38mm Stainless hose bend. You can buy these bends for approximately £5. The Chinese 4-1-4 Stainless collectors were £30 each. The Header plates were second hand ‘Pop Brown’ items bought at Beaulieu Auto Jumble for £10. Total bill £110.

update: buy proper tubing


Initially, I was planning on using Range Rover p38 stainless collectors then fitting them back to front on the wrong sides. However, Although they fitted, there was no room left for some vital chassis bracing and the exit angles were awful.

P38 Rover V8 Stainless Headers

There are several reasons why I can’t just fit off the shelf or after-market items. The engine bay is a little tight for a Rover V8. Add in the bulky Rover P5B starter, the 4×4 front prop-shaft, chassis rails, the brakes and the steering shaft and there’s barely room left for anything; let alone a 4 branch exhaust. If I used the P38 exhausts on the correct sides they would exit directly into the foot wells.

I therefore, had to make my own. As a quick mock up, I used some tack welded, steel strips to get the collector and header plates in the right position.Rover V8 Stainless Headers

They are now all assembled and ready for proper welding.
Rover V8 Stainless Headers
Rover V8 Stainless Headers

I do have a little confession, the collectors are the wrong size. I’d ordered the correct ones (38mm) and when they turned up several weeks later, I simply put them on the shelf for a few months. They weren’t the ones I ordered. They were 10mm too big. So I had to slice and shrink them a little.

These Rover V8 Stainless headers are going to be very hard to weld properly. If my welding isn’t up to it, I have a great mock-up.

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