Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover

Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover for short water pump.

What’s the shortest water pump assembly that can be fitted to the Rover V8?

The Rover 3500 SD1 had a very similar front timing cover to that of it’s predecessor, the P6. The P6 timing chain cover always suffered from a poor oil seal around the crank case pulley seal. This was improved on the SD1; although as my engine proves; not perfected.

Rover P6 Water Pump - Short

Rover P6 Short Water Pump

The water pump on the SD1 and P6 was mounted much lower than on it’s Land Rover and Range Rover cousins. The water pump used on the P6 (part number: GWP310) was much shorter than that of the SD1. Another benefit of the P6 pump is that the front pulley can easily be modified to take aftermarket billet aluminium pulleys from the short water pump, 350ci small block Chevy (SBC). NB. some of the standard P6 pulley will need removing (use a saw and file), and the front re-drilling and tapping. The matching SBC part can also be used for the bottom pulley. This is a trick Hot Rodders were using in the early 90’s but seems to have been forgotten.

Rover V8 Short Water Pump

The SD1 has a longer front pulley mount. (I won’t be using one of these)

Rover SD1 Long Water Pump

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