Side tracked

Not wanting to simply bolt together a bunch of components from a list of donor vehicles, just because they fit, the intention is to use modern suspension analysis software such as Kangaloosh to model all I can.

In order to analyse anything, it became annoyingly obvious that I would need every single part of the suspension first hand. Every single, seemingly trivial dimension became a stumbling block. Luckily, I now have everything measured and modeled. – I think

To complicate and lengthen the process of measuring everything, I decided to implement 4×4. Why? Not because I want to go rallying, simply because I live down a muddy track that ices over 4 weeks a year.

The goal is to use all around A-arms and rising rate, push rod suspension.

Forgetting that the body will not look anything like a Locost or Haynes Roadster, the suspension design will be directly compatible.

Once I have the front suspension modeled, I can search for the last vital component – the steering rack. It’s a little more tricky being 4×4, as the rack may want to pass right through the Sierra Cosworth front diff or custom front prop-shaft.

Sierra 4x4 Cosworth Front Suspension

In this case, the venerable MK2 Ford Escort Rack might not fit the bill. It maybe a front rack, a rear rack, long short – only time and sums will tell.

The rear suspension will be a little tricky too, as it’s asymmetrical. Luckily, there should be a small amount of play in the c.v. joints.