Side window curvature

It’s very complicated designing a new body for the Locost 7 / Haynes Roadster. The CAD drawing below shows exactly what happens when a side window with only a small amount of curvature is wound down in a straight line. The glass would try to exit through the side bodywork.

To stop the window from crashing into the bodywork and jamming, the glass needs to be wound down along a curved path. This curved path must be the same as the curvature of the glass. If the path were different to the glass curvature, the window wound lean out-wards into the fast moving air. The effect would be similar to the fin of an aeroplane, with the wind trying to steer the glass out of it’s runners. It would also make a horrid buzzing noise.

Because of this, a side window needs to be chosen, that has the correct curve to wind down inside the cavity. This has a knock on effect on the shape of the hard-top hood; in particular the rear pillar.

The window’s path is also effected by door length. Because of the angled rear pillar, the window will want to travel down and diagonally forward. It can only travel so far forward before it hits the door hinge. With the complex side profile, the positioning of the hinge axis will always be an issue.

In other words, I have to find a suitable side window before the shape of the roof can be moulded and the length of the door can be calculated.


Rover V8 Inlet Trumpets

Many people modify the length of the Rover V8 Inlet Trumpets within the plenum. However, until I get my Rover V8 up and running I keep mine as Land Rover intended. The first job for me was to get it drawn up into CAD. - Basically an excuse not to be

Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover - Part2

Sierra Front Propshaft

The 4x4 Ford Sierra Cosworth Front propshaft needs to be extended. Because of the 19” front wheels the front diff is mounted higher in the chassis. This means the propshaft now travels upwards towards the front of the car. If I angled the front diff down 1.5 degrees then

Massive Brakes

Granada Front hub and Audi A8 Disc. This Haynes roadster build will be using 19 inch wheels from an Audi RS6. These share the same 5x112mm stud pattern as the Ford Granada 4x4. I could use the 278mm Ford Scorpio discs but with 150mm of extra space inside the wheel,

Nissan Z32 Side Windows

Having owned several 1989 - 2000 Nissan Fairlady 300zx Z32's, I was lying in hospital wondering whether the side windows would be the right shape and size for my latest project. You'll have to excuse the crude Photoshop and super-imposition at this stage, but this scaled mock-up

Granada Rear Hubs

Sometimes, when parts arrive, they look too rusty to be of any good. These Ford Granada Rear Hubs were very rusty indeed. Everywhere they stood you'd find a pile of rust flakes. The hub on the left was dunked in the electrolysis bath for 4 hours. Electrolysis strips away

Granada Axle Flange

It seems like an endless game, drawing up all these components, but the 5 Stud Granada Rear Axle flange has now been drawn up. These are the 27 spline, 5 x 112mm axle flanges from a 1986 - 1994 Ford Granada / Scorpio. Other vehicles to share the 5 x 112mm stud

Ford Sierra Front Stub Axle

I'm getting better at the CAD stuff. The latest item to get drawn up is the Sierra Group N front stub axles. When I started learning AutoCad this would have taken me days if not weeks to draw. These took about under an hour to measure up and

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