Sierra Cosworth Differential

This isn’t just an Sierra Cosworth Differential, it’s the missing dimensions I need to finish the suspension analysis in rFactor and Kangaloosh. I was missing the measurement between to the two 100mm drive shaft bolt flanges. Now I have everything, it’s all systems GO!

My advice : –

If you see a Sierra Cosworth Differential at a good price BUY IT NOW!

– the price is rocketing and they are getting scarce. If I had bought ones I thought were ridiculously expensive 6 months ago, I could have saved £50!

rFactor and Kangaloosh are excellent pieces of software used by the gaming community to simulate cars as accurately as possible in computer driving simulation games. You may ask why I’m using this ‘toy’ software to design a real car but top race teams use these simulation games to trial different suspension set-ups on various tracks before ‘going live’ with the real thing. If you can think of something on a car to simulate, they simulate it; even the colour and amount of smoke upon each gear change.

Back to the Escort Diff….

After 6 months of trawling the auction sites, I’ve finally got the 4×4, 3.62:1 ratio diff I needed to match the front one. The diff is a low mileage (72k miles) 7″ 1995 Escort Cosworth (never raced or rallied). It’s even the LSD model.

It will be fully stripped and rebuilt with new bearing and seals.

Once rebuilt, with the casing acid etched, a new rear cover and a new set of bolts, it should be as good as new.

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