Sierra Front Differential Part II

Sorry, but there is not much to show again this week. I ran out of welding wire and the reel I ordered on Fleabay still hasn’t arrived. The same applies to the aluminium plate, aluminium tubes, gasket set and bolts.

I’m rubbish at excuses when it cold………..

What remains of the Sierra Sump needs a lot adding back to give it strenght again.

Haynes Roadster 4x4 Sierra Front Diff

You can see the amount of room I’ll be saving over the standard sump / diff unit. You’ll also see that there is a need to move a couple of the uprights back-wards.

They needed moving anyway, after I lowered the height of the chassis 2″.

Aluminium brackets will need welding to what remains of the Sierra Sump, so that it is solidly mounted on both sides. There will also be another cross-member assembly to mount the Sierra Differential. When I’m finished it should look a lot prettier and be as solid as a rock. I want to take as much flex out of the casing as possible.

Sierra - Sump and Diff assembly

The sump in the above picture is already cut in half.

I’m also expecting the return of the Sierra MT75 gearbox very soon! Exciting!