Sierra Front Differential Part III

The Sierra Front Differential is coming along slowly.

Ignore the sticky tape!

With the body of the sump cut away, some strength needs to be put back into the Sierra 4×4 Front Differential.

Hence the addition of the the 8mm thick 6082 Aluminium plate and the 3mm thick tubes.

The aluminium plate has yet to be cut down to size. (I’m awaiting blades for the band saw and I’m getting lazy in my old age.) But, Hopefully you’ll be able to see my intentions.

Another 8mm aluminium plate will be sandwiched between the bottom cover of the diff and welded at right angles to the one you see in the picture above.

Sierra Front Diff Plate - Sandwich Plate

You’ve probably seen thinner steel versions of what I’m on about on ebay. My advice is for less than £20 – buy one. It’s not much to spend to potentially save hours of work on your back, at the side of muddy road; just hoping you’ll be home for midnight. 

Sierra Cosworth Front Diff - Sandwich Plate

I still have a few other brackets to make. Particularly the one for the passenger side that mounts the whole thing to the chassis. You can see it in the CAD drawing below. I’ll also add a few triangulating corner brackets (they will probably be horrid dirt traps – but hey, that’s what jet washers are for!). With the diff’s casing urethane mounted to the chassis; both top and bottom; hopefully many of the weaknesses I’ve heard about should be taken care of.

Haynes Roadster 4x4 - Front Differential

There is a gallery of images here.

Once I have all these bits cut, it’s off the specialist aluminium TIG welders. I’ll be taking my MT75 at the same time.

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