Sierra Front Propshaft

The 4×4 Ford Sierra Cosworth Front propshaft needs to be extended. Because of the 19” front wheels the front diff is mounted higher in the chassis. This means the propshaft now travels upwards towards the front of the car. If I angled the front diff down 1.5 degrees then I could gain a couple millimetres where I have clearance problems, but not quite enough. I could angle it more and this would cure the problem but the UJ’s would be working much harder.

Cosworth Sierra Front Propshaft problems

The front propshaft is now over 3 time it’s original length. Unfortunately it now wants to occupy the same space as the bottom bellhousing bolt.

Cosworth 4x4 Propshaft

The intention for this Haynes Roadster is to mount the Ford MT75 4×4 gearbox to the Jaguar Duratec 3.0 AJ-30 V6. I have hopefully sorted how to mount these two together without the need for an adaptor plate.

The rear half of the gearbox is Sierra and the front half is from a van. The gearbox casing halves fit, but until I get a manual flywheel / clutch and solve problems with the sump, I’m a little reluctant to publish what I’ve found. Just because 6 bolts line up, doesn’t mean it fits.

Besides, I have my eye on a supercharged Jaguar XJR V8!

A 400BHP 4.2litre 4×4 Haynes roadster!

Watch this space for the solution….

If a V8 is fitted, then the lack of triangulation in the standard Haynes Roadster / McSorley 442 chassis will become a real issue. Once I have worked out how all the parts fit together, I will design a new much stronger chassis using FEA.

The part number of propshaft is:

V89BB AA B027A
807031 BT92 B.

This is another lucky ebay find. New Old Stock.

Ford Sierra Cosworth Front Propshaft

Sure, it’s a bit scratched but it came in its original Ford bag and it was very cheap. In reality I could have used a second hand item as when it goes off to be extended, it will be re-manufactured and balanced to better than original standards.

Cosworth Sierra Front propshaft CAD

Update: The Duratec V6 will be replace with a Rover V8. The intention for the front proshaft is to find an old Volvo 2 piece propshaft (as I’ve been told that the parts are interchangeable)