Skills and Tools

There are many skills and tools that will come in very ‘handy’ during a Kit Car or Hot Rod build.

Many of these will not be of surprise to anyone and will already reside in any keen mechanic toolbox.

What is important to remember, expensive modern tools and methods are not necessarily better than homemade or traditional equivalents and the cheapest and most effective tool of all is ‘elbow grease’.

We all know ‘hard work’ may not be the quickest route and sometimes new ‘toys’ and methods can add new spark to a project. However, experienced workmen will tell you, similar enthusiasm can be gained from learning skills once forgotten.

Why waste money on expensive cleaning fluids, shot blasting, plating etc when you could simply copy what your Dad would have done. Most modern methods are largely marketing hype. Trust me, I restore items to bright shiny finish, with hardly any effort, using items you probably have already or can get from the 99p shop.

I clean things with Electolysis as a matter of course now. I then bore anyone that will listen about how easy it was. Try it! Those parts you see at auto-jumbles that look beyond saving may well be a bargain after all.

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