Steering Rack Extensions

What size steering rack extension do I need for a MKII Escort Steering rack and Sierra Cosworth 4×4 drive-train?

Steering rack extensions were likely to be a different length to those in the book, because I’m running four wheel drive. I’m using a Ford MKII Escort ‘quick rack’ and Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4 Uprights.

The Sierra Cosworth 4×4 is listed as having a different track width to the 2wd, so I was a little uncertain on whether the standard extensions would fit.

I was planning on getting some custom rack extensions made. They are available for well under £30, which is very good value, but I needed to know how long I needed.

The rods ends and rack are both M14x2 thread, which luckily I had, so I had a quick measure up. The problem was, I didn’t have a handle for the die, so it took an hour to make one out of an old wheel bearing found in the bin and a couple lengths of stock for the handles. It’s much more substantial than anything you could buy.

I then had everything I needed to make up some mock-ups on the lathe. My lathe is OK for some parts but it’s not ideal for some parts like these, hence why I intend to buy some.

The ended up measuring 155mm end to end, luckily this is a common length, which made me happy. Being ‘off the shelf’, I’d saved myself £4.

Haynes Roadster Rack Extensions

The keen eye’d of you will see the steering linkage hanging down. Unfortunately, I’m waiting on a UJ from China. I’ve found a great source of nice stainless 14mm UJ’s (£14) but a little more forward planning was needed, as they take 3 weeks to arrive. I’d previously ordered three but ended up needing four. Maybe next week….

I’m itching to see if four UJ’s will give the steering a bit of unwanted slack or play. I’ve owned too many old 1950’s cars with knackered steering boxes for this to be fun anymore.