Steering Rack Extensions

What size steering rack extension do I need for a MKII Escort Steering rack and Sierra Cosworth 4×4 drive-train?

Steering rack extensions were likely to be a different length to those in the book, because I’m running four wheel drive. I’m using a Ford MKII Escort ‘quick rack’ and Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4 Uprights.

The Sierra Cosworth 4×4 is listed as having a different track width to the 2wd, so I was a little uncertain on whether the standard extensions would fit.

I was planning on getting some custom rack extensions made. They are available for well under £30, which is very good value, but I needed to know how long I needed.

The rods ends and rack are both M14x2 thread, which luckily I had, so I had a quick measure up. The problem was, I didn’t have a handle for the die, so it took an hour to make one out of an old wheel bearing found in the bin and a couple lengths of stock for the handles. It’s much more substantial than anything you could buy.

I then had everything I needed to make up some mock-ups on the lathe. My lathe is OK for some parts but it’s not ideal for some parts like these, hence why I intend to buy some.

The ended up measuring 155mm end to end, luckily this is a common length, which made me happy. Being ‘off the shelf’, I’d saved myself £4.

Haynes Roadster Rack Extensions

The keen eye’d of you will see the steering linkage hanging down. Unfortunately, I’m waiting on a UJ from China. I’ve found a great source of nice stainless 14mm UJ’s (£14) but a little more forward planning was needed, as they take 3 weeks to arrive. I’d previously ordered three but ended up needing four. Maybe next week….

I’m itching to see if four UJ’s will give the steering a bit of unwanted slack or play. I’ve owned too many old 1950’s cars with knackered steering boxes for this to be fun anymore.

Custom Sierra 4x4 Uprights Part 2

A while back, I'd bought some super light weight billet Outlaw aluminium callipers (Wilwood copies). At the time I didn't have the front discs to check them against so they were just put under the bench. When the Granada 278mm front discs arrived, I soon saw that these callipers were ...

Haynes Roadster Steering Rack Part 2

I wasn't at all happy with my steering. Because this car is 4x4, the rack was pushed nearly 2" further forward than on a standard Haynes Roadster / Locost. The steering arms were angled backwards about 5 degrees. It didn't look good. Ideally, the steering arms should be in-line with the steering arms / ...

Haynes Roadster Steering Shaft

The steering wheel is finally connected to the front wheels. I've used 4off 14x14mm stainless steel universal joints imported from China (OD28 L60). They are available for around £14 if you check the auction sites. They take a while to turn up but they seem just as good as ones ...

Haynes Roadster Steering Rack

I had neglected to make a jig for the steering rack, but mounting it turned out to be very simple. To do this job, I was armed with a height from the bottom of the chassis rail to the top of the central portion of the steering rack. I had ...

Custom Ford Sierra Upright – steering arm - Part 2

Building a 4x4 Locost Rover V8 Kit Car, means making custom front uprights. Ford Sierra Uprights were used as the starting point. This Haynes Roadster with Custom Ford Sierra Uprights has parts from many makes and models of cars. Ford Sierra 4x4 Cosworth Ford Scorpio Jaguar X type Austin Ambassador ...

Custom Sierra 4x4 Uprights

I've started to make my own front uprights. The CAD has taken a while, plus I have had to do some extra research into suspension geometry. A lot of people seem to know about Ackermann Geometry, but the well known image of the two lines intersecting at the rear axle ...

Ackermann Angle and Sierra Uprights

I'd swapped from front mounted Ford Escort MK II rack to a rear mounted Citroen BX rack. I needed to get my Ackerman Angle correct. see here: To do this I just reversed the uprights and made some new rack extensions. The ...

Corsa EPAS Column Part 2

Fitting the Vauxhall Corsa C electric power steering column wasn't exactly straight forward, but none the less, possible. Having said that, there were quite a few heart sinking moments when I thought, 'This just ain't going to fit!' The first problem was the electric motor hung out the ...


Ford Escort MK2 Ball Joints - DXF CAD
Ford Escort MK2 Steering Rack - (Left Hand Drive) - dxf
Ford Escort MK2 Steering Rack - (Left Hand Drive) - DWG CAD
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