Corsa EPAS Power Steering – Kit Car

For all those fitting a Corsa C EPAS (Electronic Power Assisted Steering) to a Kit Car or Hot Rod the following maybe helpful.

Corsa C EPAS speed controller

Corsa C EPAS WiringHave you ever wondered what the correct inputs to the Vauxhall Corsa EPAS column should be? The column requires 12v, an rpm signal and a speed signal. But what frequencies? I’ve been trying to get my Vauxhall Corsa C EPAS…

Custom Ford Sierra Upright – steering arm – Part 2

This Haynes Roadster has parts from many makes and models of cars: Ford Sierra 4×4 Cosworth, Scorpio, Jaguar X type, Austin Ambassador, Citroen BX, Mercedes SLK etc.

Custom Ford Sierra Upright – steering arm

Getting the dimensions correct for this custom Ford Sierra Upright hasn’t been easy. The reason for making a new upright was the steering arm on the standard upright being wrong for my particular application. Therefore getting the next stage right is very important.

Custom Ford Sierra Upright Part 2

I’ve been boxing in one of my custom Ford Sierra Front Uprights. They are made from solid EN3B steel along with 3,8,12mm steel plate.

Custom Ford Sierra Front Uprights

I had to enrol the skills of the ‘brother in law’ to TIG weld the new Ford Sierra based front uprights.

Custom Sierra 4×4 Uprights Part 2

This is not a DIY Sierra brake upgrade, more of a complete re-think. A set of W220 Mercedes callipers came up for less than £25 (inc. delivery).

Custom Sierra 4×4 Uprights

Ackermann angle geometry is a tricky subject and often over simplified.

Ackermann Angle and Sierra Uprights

If you swapped uprights from one side of the car to the other the Ackermann Angle would be very wrong.

Steering shaft and new UJ

The Citroen BX rack has meant several changes to the steering, propshaft and exhaust manifolds

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