Suspension Mounts

I’ve done the mounts for the front suspension A-arms and the Sierra Front 4×4 mounts.

I’m not the first to mount a 4×4 front diff into a Haynes Roadster and at the speed I work at it’s not surprised. It’s not just a case of welding on some brackets there was a ton of calculations.

The differential mount also incorporates a diff strengthening plate.

Sierra Front Diff Strengthening plate

Normally, the front differential mounts to the side of the sump. A central drive-shaft passes through the sump, to where the nearside drive-shaft mounts. With this set-up the differential is mounted in front of the engine. A custom central drive-shaft assembly is needed.

Sierra Cosworth Front Diff Assembly

Hopefully, the whole assembly should increase the strength of the differential casing. In high powered cars the front differential has been a source of failure.

More Ford Sierra Front Differential information here