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Braking – Electric Vacuum Pump

Hella UP28 Electric Vacuum PumpI have used various brake components and I have no idea how good the brakes will work or feel once complete, so I’m using a Hella UP28 Electric Vacuum Pump.

Custom Ford Sierra Upright – steering arm – Part 2

This Haynes Roadster has parts from many makes and models of cars: Ford Sierra 4×4 Cosworth, Scorpio, Jaguar X type, Austin Ambassador, Citroen BX, Mercedes SLK etc.

Custom Sierra 4×4 Uprights Part 2

This is not a DIY Sierra brake upgrade, more of a complete re-think. A set of W220 Mercedes callipers came up for less than £25 (inc. delivery).

Brake Discs and Pads

There are several approaches to improving braking performance. Upgrade materials Improve heat dissipation Increase braking pressure Increase frictional area Increase frictional radius Sophisticated ABS that shifts braking effort to the wheels with most grip Quality brake discs and pads Brake…

Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 10

This Wooden Buck for my 1937 Ford Phantom Hot Rod is taking a little more effort than I would like.

What size Master Cylinder

Sizing a Master Cylinder is a complicated process that is dependent on everything from the centre of gravity to suspension settings. It’s not simply down to brake components.

Massive Brakes

When using 19″ wheels, exactly how big can the brakes be?
360mm Audi A8?