Chassis Plans

Kit Car Tube Chassis

Kit Car Tube Chassis can be very tricky. Just because everything fits doesn't mean that the engine gearbox or differentials will fit. The look of the car often comes last.

Kit Car Bonnet Height

Getting the height of a Kit Car Chassis right is not easy, there are many factors to take into account. Engine height through to aesthetics

Haynes Roadster Bonnet

Shaping a Haynes Roadster bonnet can be hard. First you have to decide engine height then you'll need to work out bonnet bulges and scoops.

MT75 4×4 Haynes Roadster

The MT75 4x4 gearbox has been trial fitted to my Haynes Roadster. Unfortunately, I may have a very small modification to one chassis rail.

Side tracked

Suspension modelling is a very important and vital part of any custom Haynes Roadster design. Ignoring it and following the crowd is not how designs progress.

Step One

For this Haynes Roadster build I have decided to start again.

Chassis Type

It was concluded that my chassis was a modified McSorley 442. The measuring process also showed that several measurements did not completely line up with the drawings.