Front Suspension

Front Suspension A Arms

Ignoring the hours spent doing the CAD work, plus those making the brackets, the front A-Arm mounts took me 10 hours to get in the right place.

Haynes Roadster Lower Front A Arm

The Lower front A Arms have been made fully adjustable so that they can control both caster and camber. I Have changed the standard Haynes Roadster or Locost design to one that enables much more flexibility.

Locost Front Suspension

Haynes Roadster front suspension in its standard form has never been my ideal choice. Therefore I have started from scratch with this push rod bell cranked setup.

Anti Dive Geometry

As a vehicle brakes, the front has a tendency to dive. This can cause the car to become unpredictable and therefore it is important to minimise this effect. Anti-Dive geometry will limit the front end dive giving the driver greater confidence.

Kit Car Adjustable A Arm Suspension

Kit Car Adjustable Suspension has always been a compromise, but this design employs polyurethane joints, clevis and rose-joints to achieve complete camber and caster compensation.


This Haynes Roadster has been used with Kangaloosh Gaming Software. It's not for toys, the big race teams use it too and the results can definitely be very interesting.

Coil-over Shock

Sourcing coilover shocks for your Locost or Haynes Roadster build need not cost a fortune. I've bought 4 of these Motorbike shocks for less than 50 pounds - including postage.