Ford Sierra MT75 Gearbox

Rover V8 Sierra Clutch

Fitting a Rover V8 to a Sierra 4x4 Cosworth gearbox, hasn't been easy. but finding a suitable clutch was very easy in the form of a Ford Transit.

MT75 Clutch Upgrade

An Mt75 4x4 gearbox has an integral bellhousing. Mating to a Rover V8 will require the removal of the standard bellhousing and replacement by an LT77 removable item

MT75 4×4 Haynes Roadster

The MT75 4x4 gearbox has been trial fitted to my Haynes Roadster. Unfortunately, I may have a very small modification to one chassis rail.


Haynes Roadster rebody or a complete restart? The new CAD derived design will be a bit of both.