Rover V8

Rover V8 Throttle Bodies

Rover V8 Twin Throttle Bodies

I've been looking into fitting Rover V8 Twin Throttle Bodies. Rover did it on a limited number SD1 Vitesse's. I wanted to modify a Thor Manifold; for it's looks and height; to twin plenums. I've done some calculations.
Rover V8 Serpentine Belt

Rover V8 Serpentine Belt

The standard 4.6 Litre Rover V8 has a really long Serpentine belt. It drives a lot of equipment I don't need such as air conditioning and power steering. Mine was fitted with a 7PK2320 belt. That's a 7 ridge flat belt, 2320mm long. With all the ancillaries fitted, the engine simply didn't come close to fitting in the engine bay.