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Coachbuilding a Hot Rod In Corona Lockdown

Handmade Car WingMaking a bespoke steel wing from scratch takes time and patience. It takes only a few simple hand made tools all of which I made myself in my own workshop.

Mocking Up The Grille

Mocking up the GrilleBeing in pandemic lock-down, materials and gas aren’t abundant. So I decided to use up scraps and started mocking up the grille. The faux grille below is actually 3 bits that were prior failed bonnet attempts. When I made the…

Mocking up the front wing

Wooden Buck WingMocking up the front wings with a wooden buck on this 37 Ford style Hot Hot allowed me to check out whether the bonnet proportions were right.

Hot Rod Hidden Hinges

Wireframe A pillar - Hidden HingeAs a datum for the whole body, I’m starting with the A pillars and hidden hinges.
With the hinge pins as datums, I’ll make the bulkhead & windscreen surround.

Bodywork Wire Frame Buck

Bodywork Wire FrameWith the engine running, I’ve turned my attention back to the bodywork. I’ve started the wire frame for the bodywork buck. Although essentially this started as a Haynes Roadster, hopefully depending on my bodywork skills, will end up as a late 1930’s style Hot Rod. In the past I mocked up several designs firstly in Photoshop, CAD and wood.

Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 12

Wooden Car Body BuckGetting this 1937 Ford Slantback sedan wooden buck right has been a lot slower than I’d hoped, but it’s about right.

Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 11

Ford 1937 Slantback Sedan Hot Rod wooden buck. In it’s day the 1937 Ford Slantback was revolutionary. The swooping rear lines were some of the first efforts car designers ever made towards aerodynamics. This was an era when huge advantages were being made in everything transport related.

Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 10

This Wooden Buck for my 1937 Ford Phantom Hot Rod is taking a little more effort than I would like.

Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 9

I’ve made a hole lot of mess cutting up the wooden buck for my hot rod. Getting the shape just right is proving much harder than I thought.

Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 8

They say ‘A change is as good as a rest’. Well I’ve had one, now I’m doing the other. I’ve had a break from the car; this was in part because of the river running through the workshop.