Tyred in Bed

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I’ve been a little poorly recently. The mind wanders.

I was never happy with the bodywork. Some parts look modern, other parts looked like they were cherry picked from the previous 4 decades. Some elements clashed etc….

I wanted a slightly more aggressive appearance to the front end and at the same time less ‘retro’.

The danger with using sharper bolder edges and body lines is making design elements clash. After all, some of the most gorgeous cars of all time had very smooth lines, all melting into each other (Jaguar D type). This last decade has seen cars with some very unusual swage lines and headlamp designs. The new design now feature Peugeot 206 headlamps. I wasn’t thinking of going as angular as say a ‘Countach’, I just wanted something of this millennium.

I haven’t shown a back shot as I’m still not happy with it.

Heaven MK3 redesign