Wooden Buck for 37 Ford Phantom Part 6

Not much progress… Just a lot of standing around, thinking
‘That looks a little odd!’
Then I move 2 feet and think
‘That looks really good!’

I’ve moved the sides out at the back to make the wheel arches look smaller, which has loosened some of the side panels. While I waited for the new glue to dry, which can take over a week, I couldn’t do anything too much to the buck. You can probably see in one of the shots, that one piece has already popped out of place, then dried solid.

I am also waiting on parts to arrive for the 4×4 system, so several jobs had been put on hold. Added to which, both of the family cars needed ‘proper’ work.

Therefore, I moved onto a section of the buck I wasn’t planning on doing yet. I just hope it looks better when more wood is added, as at the moment, a huge part of me is very dubious. When standing back, the whole thing is looking a little too much like a dashing 1930’s gentleman’s weekend ride, than radical Hot Rod. I hope a set of 20″ rims will change that.

37 Ford Wooden Buck - Roof

The belt line of the car needs to come up about 2″ yet, making the side window pretty tiny and much shorter than it appears in this shot.

Now the top roof outline is visible, the shape of the window is much easier to visualise. This makes the length of the door obvious. A door this long is going to be a big problem. That is unless I change the design somewhat by changing to a Phaeton style car similar to ‘sectioned’ version of Baron Von Kuhl‘s. With a Phaeton, it would be much easier to shorten the length of the door to considerably less than that of the side window.

Baron Von Kuhl's 37 Ford

If I went the Phaeton route, I would either need to decrease the width of the car 1″ at the bulkhead, or find a different screen. This is due to the windscreen pillars being somewhat slimmer on a Phaeton. Also a ‘real’ Phaeton has a split screen. The MG Midget windscreen was about the only screen I could find that came even remotely close in size. If I do go the Phaeton route, then I would have to do something with the pillars and this kind of brass work isn’t my bag. Maybe it is possible to fake it somehow. – Did I really type that?

MG Midget Windscreen

Do these kind of issues keep anyone else awake?

Questions, Questions, Questions and not many answers……………. yet…………