Megasquirt MS1/Extra Rover V8 – Troubles Starting

Broken Bosch Ignition Driver LegsAs many regular readers know, I’d had my Megasquirt MS1/Extra Rover V8 started within a couple turns of they crank. The next evening, with the wiring on the idle valve I tried again. Absolutely nothing. It didn’t even try to start.

Rover V8 Tuner Studio – CTS / ATS Calibration

Tuner StudioTo successfully use a Megasquirt you must use Tuner Studio to calibrate all your sensors. For a Rover V8 4.6L P38 the Coolant Temperature Sensor CTS has detailed calibration information available. Although the default Saab(Bosch) values are a great start.

Rover V8 ExtraEfi Megasquirt – Will it run?

Rover V8 ExtraEfi MegasquirtThere’s been a lot of work getting my Rover V8 Megasquirt engine from ‘looking’ ready to actually ready to start. The headers weren’t bolted on, the battery was from a car I scrapped in the 90’s and my cheap fuel…

Megasquirt ECU – Rover V8 4.6Ltr

Locost Rover V8 MegasquirtMy Megasquirt ECU V8 project is getting close to the point of turning the key. I decided to tidy the wiring and EMI shield the ECU.

Rover V8 Locost 4×4 -Wiring and Plumbing

Locost Rover V8 4x4Putting a Rover V8 and 4wd into a Locost was always going to take a long time. Finishing the wiring and the plumbing seems to have taken forever.

Rover V8 Trigger Wheel – Megasquirt

A Megasquirt ECU requires a 36-1 trigger input. Many people fit a trigger wheel to the front pulley, however I wanted to use one similar to a Range Rover P38 automatic flex-plate or a 4.0 Discovery Manual flywheel.

Rover V8 MegaSquirt P38 4.6 – extraEfi – 2

I’ve been working on the Megasquirt ECU for my 4.6 P38 Rover V8. Progress has been slow, partly because it’s summer but mostly because everything I do seems to get double and triple checked. If you’re fitting a Rover V8…

Rover V8 MegaSquirt P38 4.6 – extraEfi

Rover V8 Megasquirt P38 4.6ltrThe original plan was to utilise a John Earle Engineering tweaked ECU, but along came a bargain cheap MS1 Rover V8 Megasquirt made by extraEfi previously fitted to a 4.6Litre Stag. A separate purchase gave me various hoses, brackets and…

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