Custom Ford Sierra Upright – steering arm

Getting the dimensions correct for this custom Ford Sierra Upright hasn’t been easy. The reason for making a new upright was the steering arm on the standard upright being wrong for my particular application. Therefore getting the next stage right is very important.

Custom Ford Sierra Upright Part 2

I’ve been boxing in one of my custom Ford Sierra Front Uprights. They are made from solid EN3B steel along with 3,8,12mm steel plate.

Custom Ford Sierra Front Uprights

I had to enrol the skills of the ‘brother in law’ to TIG weld the new Ford Sierra based front uprights.

Custom Sierra 4×4 Uprights Part 2

This is not a DIY Sierra brake upgrade, more of a complete re-think. A set of W220 Mercedes callipers came up for less than £25 (inc. delivery).

Custom Sierra 4×4 Uprights

Ackermann angle geometry is a tricky subject and often over simplified.

Locost Push Rod Rear Suspension

Anti Squat Independent Rear Suspension for a Locost / Haynes Roadster is not easy. I have used push rod rear suspension to get a rising spring rate and reduced hub weight

Kit Car Cantilever Suspension

Setting up Inboard suspension on a kit car is a time consuming process. one that involves hours of measuring, clamping and tack welding.

Haynes Roadster Mushroom Adaptors

Ford Sierra Mushroom adaptors are available from many Haynes Roadster and Kit Car sources, but I needed some special ones to fit my 4×4 uprights.

Push Rod Suspension

Push Rod suspension doesn’t have to be complicated, many kit cars or Haynes Roadsters could have it at virtually no extra cost.

Push Rod Cantilever Suspension

The push rod suspension on the rear of this Haynes Roadster is almost complete. The reduction in un-sprung weight should help handling, but more importantly they look GREAT.

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