Front Suspension

With the front end of my chassis being based on McSorley 442 chassis, I began to compare the dimensions and angles to those for the original Chris Gibb Chassis. Although I found that the chassis was indeed 26mm wider across the top rail, I also found that the bottom rail was 50mm narrower.

The bottom A−Arm would be much longer than the Chris Gibb design. Surely this would have a huge affect on the Instantaneous Roll centre with any body roll? If I was using Cortina Uprights would the chassis mounts be in the wrong positions? Was this good or bad?

Having designed a couple IFS’s in the long distant past I decided to check a few things from first principles. Showing how long it’s been since I’ve done this kind of thing, I used Cortina Mk3/4/5 uprights as a base point. From there I moved onto the Sierra (getting elderly), then the Jaguar X-type and finally custom uprights based on Granada 4×4 wheel hubs.

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The whole design of the front suspension was reliant on many factors. For instance, the height of the engine and the profile of the rear bodywork had a knock on effect. Plus, the limited availability and age of certain components led to the search for much more modern, capable and off the shelf alternatives.

Many of my initially questions, soon fell by the wayside as most of the chassis would simply be recycled for steel.

After months of watching the auction websites for parts, without much luck, the decision was made to go down the custom route, complete with cantilever shock absorbers. Although it would mean more fabrication, it would end up cheaper and closer to the ideal. However, I would need some Granada 4×4 hubs.

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