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My Design Assumptions :

Results :

  • The top link would be approx 296.5mm long and declined 5.9°.
  • The bottom link would be 372mm long and inclined 3.5°.
  • A−Arm length ratio : 296.5/372 = 0.797.
  • The Roll Centre would be approximately 115.3mm.
  • The swing arm length would be 1462.9mm.

image: Roll Center CAD drawing

Conclusions :

Although the set−up was better than many I’d seen, there is obviously great scope for improvement. For instance, to minimise the large scrub radius, huge front tyres (225+) with a large offset would be needed.

The car would have a medium swing axle length (1m − 1.8m) producing :

  • Reasonable kinematic roll centre location.
  • Medium roll centre movement sideways for given variation in height.
  • Wheel angle in roll mediocre, worst on inner wheel.
  • Wheel angle in bounce mediocre.
  • Mediocre to bad performance in scrub.

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