Front Wheels

I’ve always thought that on the original Lotus Super Seven with its’ Clam Shell front wings, the front wheel position worked well. But on cars that had cycle style wings, the front wheels often looked too far back. Some manufacturers such as Donkervoort push them forward slightly and this seemed to give a much more sporty profile.

This is the standard McSorley front wheel position with 19″ alloys:

image: Standard McSorley 442 Front Wheel Position

When smaller front wheels are used they look even further pushed back.

With the front wheel moved forward:

image: Modified front wheel position

With the increase in wheelbase length, the lack of triangulation in the standard chassis becomes more of a worry. Especially, as the mounts for the top A-Arms are now floating in free space.

Therefore, the nose cone was moved backwards on the chassis.

image: New nose cone position

The use of 19″ alloy wheels obviously has an effect on the front suspension geometry as the wheel centres are now higher.

I could never find a happy design compromise, so the whole concept was re-addressed.

image: New nose cone position

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