Locost / Haynes Roadster CAD

If you are building a Locost or Haynes Roadster then you may find the following CAD dxf and dwg drawings handy. I started my chassis plans form scratch and have a produced literally hundreds of drawings, for virtually ever component used. I used AutoCAD to produce 3D drawings as I found 2D had obvious limitations.

I found the above drawings on the web and have no idea of their accuracy as I haven’t used these components in this build.

Once this Locost 3D AutoCAD project has been completed and the drawings mirrored in real hardware, then all of the related CAD will be published here. This build is essentially happening twice, once on a computer screen, then again in metal.

Every tube, bracket, nut and bolt has been given a unique ident number, measured with micrometers and drawn up. Each high quality 3D CAD model has an associated 2D dimensional and assembly drawing. The accuracy of all the drawings will be validated once the chassis is rolling.

For each stage of the build, I take dozens of photos, all of which have been filed for future publication in a build manual.


Locost Haynes Roadster CAD

Locost Haynes Roadster Sierra Diff CAD


The standard Locost chassis was designed to be simple to construct. This means using parallel tubes and right angle joints. The area around steering wheel and windscreen still shows this basic ‘square box’ design.

Although simple, this method can have less triangulation and torsional strength. With this re-design, many tubes have been re-positioned and angled. This may make the construction slightly more tricky to construct, but in theory should increase rigidity.


Locost Haynes Roadster Sierra Diff CADLocost Haynes Roadster CADLocost Haynes Roadster CAD drawings

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V6 Engine Bell-housing Bolt Pattern DWG r14 CAD
Sierra Half Shafts DXF CAD
Sierra Half Shaft DWG CAD
Ford Sierra - Sectioned IRS DWG CAD
Haynes Roadster Rollcage DWG CAD
Pedal Box DWG CAD
New Haynes Roadster Sierra DWG CAD
Locost Chassis DWG CAD
Master Cylinder DWG CAD
M12 Rose Joint and Nut DWG CAD
Lotus Super 7 Series 2 Chassis Frame DWG CAD
Jaguar Duratec AJ V8 DWG CAD
HiSpec UL2 M16 Caliper DWG CAD
Guillotine DWG CAD
Guillotine DXF CAD
GTS Tuning Shocks - DXF CAD
Front Suspension Sierra - DWG CAD
Front Suspension Cortina - DWG CAD
Ford Type 9 Gearbox Dimensions - dxf CAD
Ford Escort MK2 Ball Joints - DXF CAD
Ford Cortina Upright Hub Assembly DXF CAD
Ford Escort MK2 Steering Rack - (Left Hand Drive) - dxf
Ford Escort MK2 Steering Rack - (Left Hand Drive) - DWG CAD
Driving Position Dummy DXF CAD
Cortina Disk Brake DXF CAD
Ford Cortina Ball Joint DXF CAD
Chris Gibb Front Suspension DWG CAD
Bolts and Nuts DXF CAD
Balance Bar DXF CAD
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