Sierra Front Driveshafts 4×4

The aim is to have AWD, employing the drive-shafts from the front of a Ford Sierra 4×4. The Ford Sierra actually has 3 drive-shafts, as one section passes through the sump. With this design the middle ‘sump’ drive-shaft will pass in front of the engine and therefore the challenge will be to replace / replicate this section.

Another challenge will be suspension design. Although the c.v. joint, at the differential end, allows for lateral stretch of the shaft, this movement needs to be minimised. Therefore it is important for the c.v. pivot points to be on the same axis as the A-arm mounts. The whole shaft was therefore entered into AutoCAD to get the dimensions recorded in 3D. To do this, a pair of shafts were stripped down and thoroughly cleaned using electrolysis.

image: Sierra Front 4x4 Driveshaft

image: Sierra Front 4x4 cv

image: Sierra Front 4x4 Stub Axle

image: Sierra Cosworth 4x4 Front Stub Axle

image: Sierra front inner cv bootlocost: sierra front outer 4x4 cv boot

image: Sierra Cosworth 4x4 Front Drive Shaft

In case anybody is wondering, Escort Cosworth front drive-shafts are the same length as those I have from a Sierra XR4x4. The only difference I noted, was the inner c.v. joints on the Escort were oil filed and not grease.

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