Custom Ford Sierra Upright – steering arm – Part 2

Building a 4×4 Locost Rover V8 Kit Car, means making custom front uprights. Ford Sierra Uprights were used as the starting point.

This Haynes Roadster with Custom Ford Sierra Uprights has parts from many makes and models of cars.

  • Ford Sierra 4×4 Cosworth
  • Ford Scorpio
  • Jaguar X type
  • Austin Ambassador
  • Citroen BX
  • Mercedes SLK

I’ve managed to get the steering geometry spot on, plus the new 300m Jaguar X type Discs have now been fitted.
Steering Arm Ford Sierra Uprights


300mm Disc Brakes and 4 pot Calipers.

I quickly made up a circular piece of steel to fit the central hole of the disc. The Jaguar discs have a 63.5mm hole the same as the Ford Cosworth Scorpio discs I was previously planning on using. With the Ford and Jag discs sitting face to face the turned steel bung held the 2 discs perfectly aligned. It was then simply a case of finding the half way point between 2 of the existing holes on the Jag disc. Using a cobalt 13mm drill and the Scorpio disc as a guide, I drilled the 5 x 112mm bolt holes. I’m sure a engineering workshop would have taken a more Hi-Tech route. My method took 10 minutes and they fit perfectly.

After last week, spending several hours aligning the front steering arm ready for welding, in the week in between a length of angle iron fell over and knocked everything out of place. I had to repeat my setting up all over. It’s all done now – so the swearing has stopped.

At the moment, the arm is bolted on, but I think I’ll weld it into place and add a couple bracing pieces. It’s solid as it is, but welding should make it very solid indeed.

Steering Arm Ford Sierra Uprights

Now that the caliper spacers are right, the steering arm is done and one side is complete, the other side can be started.

Steering Arm Sierra Upright

A brand new Citroen BX rack to replaced the rather ‘slack’ one I’ve been using for setting up. With a good coat of paint, I think the front end should start looking pretty good. I’ll probably powder coat everything black. I have a rebuild kit for the calipers and some special high temperature paint / lacquer to try.

Custom Sierra 4x4 Uprights Part 2

A while back, I'd bought some super light weight billet Outlaw aluminium callipers (Wilwood copies). At the time I didn't have the front discs to check them against so they were just put under the bench. When the Granada 278mm front discs arrived, I soon saw that these callipers were ...

Custom Ford Sierra Upright - steering arm

Getting the dimensions correct for this custom Ford Sierra Upright hasn't been easy. The reason for making a new upright was the steering arm on the standard upright being wrong for my particular application. Therefore, getting the next stage right, is very important. The next job on the custom front ...

Custom Ford Sierra Upright Part 2

I've been boxing in one of my custom Ford Sierra Front Uprights. So far, I'm quite pleased with how they look. I've also had a trial fitment of the bearings and they slid straight in as if the uprights had just dropped off the production line. When I say 'slid', ...

Custom Ford Sierra Front Uprights

I had to enrol the skills of the 'brother in law' to TIG weld the new Ford Sierra based front uprights. He's done a cracking job :) The upright has the same bolt spacing for the Mercedes S320 Brembo calipers as the removable steering arm assembly. Therefore uprights can be swapped ...

Custom Sierra 4x4 Uprights

I've started to make my own front uprights. The CAD has taken a while, plus I have had to do some extra research into suspension geometry. A lot of people seem to know about Ackermann Geometry, but the well known image of the two lines intersecting at the rear axle ...

Ackermann Angle and Sierra Uprights

I'd swapped from front mounted Ford Escort MK II rack to a rear mounted Citroen BX rack. I needed to get my Ackerman Angle correct. see here: To do this I just reversed the uprights and made some new rack extensions. The ...

What size Master Cylinder

Sizing a master cylinder is dependent on many factors. Who knew the brake pedal could be so complicated? It's just a simple bit of steel - right? I've also been working on the handbrake. I've been working on various parts of the brake system.... I checked out the Sierra handbrake ...

Steering Rack Extensions

What size steering rack extension do I need for a MKII Escort Steering rack and Sierra Cosworth 4x4 drive-train? Steering rack extensions were likely to be a different length to those in the book, because I'm running four wheel drive. I'm using a Ford MKII Escort 'quick rack' and Ford ...

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