Ford Two Lite Headlamp Surrounds

Ford Two Lite Surround

After numerous attempts with the Mini Headlights, I decided to try some Ford Two Lite Headlamps.
R50 Mini HeadlampsThe Mini headlights are quite large and no matter what I tried were always going to end up pointing slightly outwards. This car is actually very small, it is essentially a Super 7 underneath. The Mini lights over-powered and dominated the front too much and for numerous reasons I just wasn’t happy with them.

R50 Mini HeadlampsWhen a new 1937-39 Ford two lite clear headlamp lens came up for less than £5 including postage I couldn’t help myself. I’ll have to pay full price for it’s twin, but eBay does through up some timely bargains.

It’s a licensed reproduction made by Vintique Inc. Part No: 78-13060-CL for the Ford Standard.

1937 1938 1939 Ford Car Standard CLEAR Glass Headlight Lens

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Ford Two Lite Bespoke Wing

Ford Two Lite Bespoke Wing

I grabbed a disc cutter and cut a huge hole in my wing. – The Mini Headlamp was gone
Luckily the blanking plate only needed minimal work on the shrinker and was quick to tack in place. The gas supplier was still on covid lock-down, so I welded it properly later.  A large portion of this in-fill panel will be cut out and removed, so completely welding it would just waste gas and create distortion unnecessarily.

The Ford Two Lite lens employs stainless trim rings, however I want to make my light appear much smaller.  These rings make the light appear bigger.

1937-39 Ford Two Lite HeadLamp TrimThe Mini light was completely aerodynamic. However on this set-up, where the trim piece touches the glass, nothing flows and the curves turn against each other. Using this this trim ring would not just grow the bulge by an inch all around, because of the change in angles it would grow considerably.

Ford Two Lite SurroundYou can see in the picture above that the Two Lite surround is only half the size of the patch panel. The line flowing backward from the peak of the glass is now straight and parallel with the edge of the wing. I moved the light up and down, then from side to side before deciding on the position.

I started making the surround out of 2 pieces of second-hand steel. By the time I was happy with the shape and position it probably had close to 20 tiny bits tacked together. – So there’s a strong chance I’ll remake it.

Ford Two Lite SurroundHaving placed smaller lights I’m now going to change the profile of the bottom edge of the wing too.

Ford Two Lite SurroundThe wing has had a very quick pass through the English Wheel to cure a couple ripples from welding. Realistically it still needs a tons of straightening, before I weld in the new headlight surround.

Headlamp Bezel

The front inch of the surround will be made from a separate and removable piece of stainless. Behind them will be some 7″ headlamps on adjuster rings. I want to put indicators behind the lens’s too but I’m not convinced I’ll have the required viewing angles for the BIVA.

English Wheel With a Rubber Band

English Wheel Rubber BandUntil I discovered folding metal with the English Wheel covered with a rubber band, skinning the bonnet was taking me ages. I was getting frustrated and even questioning whether I'd even finish this project at all. Looking back, my initial approach probably wasn't ideal, but I did start to learn ...

Mocking Up The Grille

Mocking up the GrilleBeing in pandemic lock-down, materials and gas aren't abundant. So I decided to use up scraps and started mocking up the grille. The faux grille below is actually 3 bits that were prior failed bonnet attempts. When I made the original wooden buck, I never really decided on the shape of ...

Bespoke Bonnet

Bespoke BonnetProgress on the bespoke bonnet has started very cautiously. There are several reasons for this. Although I still had the remains of the wooden buck, since it's completion, I've decided to lower the front of the bonnet slightly. 2 years ago, when I made this buck, I made a conscious effort ...

Hand Made Bulkhead

Hand-Built BulkheadI could see my hand built bulkhead being the biggest challenge yet. I wanted something that looked original rather than something boxy made from flat steel. The bulkhead actually needs a fair bit of strength. The bonnet, is quite long, so the leverage on the bulkhead will be significant. It ...

Hand built Bodywork - Drivers Side Door Pillar

Hand-made Bodywork - sillI'm new to hand-built bodywork, so getting the dimension of the driver's side door pillar within 1mm of the nearside was beyond hard. I've always heard stories about one side of a hand-made Ferrari or Aston being different to the other and now I fully understand why. Lessons Learned It ...

Fabricated Hot Rod Door

Hot Rod Fabricated DoorMy fabricated Hot Rod door is not going to be easy. Especially for me. When your day to day job requires staring at a computer screen with the only manual task involving boiling a kettle, cutting up flat steel sheet and making it into a 1930's Hot Rod is somewhat ...

Wooden Buck For 37 Ford Phantom Part 10

Not much apart from sawdust has come out of the workshop recently. When everything that needs doing involves generating sacks of filler and saw dust, my will to go out to a cold damp workshop isn't great. That's not to say I haven't done a thing, because since my last ...


With the arrival of a supercharged 4.0liter Jaguar AJ-V8, the chassis is obviously going to need attention. Also on the attention list, is the gearbox and possibly the differentials. According to Ford Germany, the standard MT75 gearbox is rated at 300Nm / 221lbs/ft torque. I can't find any figures for ...

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