Jaguar AJ-V8 CAD

As you may imagine the CAD and measuring process for the Jaguar AJ-V8 has been very slow.

Apart from the fact that every dimension seems bigger than my height gauges or micrometers, it’s a little complicated!

So far I’ve measured and modelled the cylinder heads, rocker boxes, front cover and bell-housing.

There are an awful lot of bits to go! If I even look at AutoCAD, I get depressed about how big a task it is. The DWG file is already huge and takes 2 minutes to load.

Jaguar AJ-V8 CAD

There have been further advances. I have worked out which Megasquirt MS3X components I need to get it fired up. Although, I am still a little confused on whether to use an American EDIS 8 setup for the ignition.

The Megasquirt MS3X is an after-market ECU that you can build from bits.

Megasquirt MS3XMegasquirt MS3x


The engine I have, is an AJ26S, which as a 12 pulse flywheel. The later model AJ27S and AJ34S have 36/1 pulse automatic flywheels.

However, the flywheel will be replaced by a manual gearbox hybrid Nissan Skyline item. Therefore a 36 pulse, crank mounted trigger wheel will need to be fitted.

The Cams are one pulse per revolution, this will allow sequential fuel injection

MS330-K Megasquirt-III kit with V3.0 PCB
MS3Xpander MS3X expansion card
JimStim-K JimStim Stimulator kit (for testing)
StimPower Power supply for JimStim (for testing)
MSHarness12 12′ main board wiring harness
MS3X-Harness 12′ MS3X wiring harness
IATwPiggy Intake Air Temperature Sensor
38NPT-Bung_A Aluminum bung for IAT sensor(Also available in stainless steel)
MS3TuneCable USB communications cable for MS3

I will have a better look at a few of the sensors, so the above list may grow or shrink a fair bit.

There will be a break from any further design work, as we’re off to Europe to do a bit of back-packing.

Supercharged Jaguar XJR V8

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V8 Engine Dimensions

A V8 engine has two banks of four cylinders arranged in a ‘V’. The eight pistons drive single centrally mounted common crankshaft. The two banks are normally set to right angles or 90°, although sometimes this angle is narrower. Unlike a 4 cylinder engine the V8 engine has a cross-plane crankshaft with ...

Jaguar AJ V8

The Jaguar AJ-V8 engine was designed to give excellent performance, refinement, economy and low vibration levels. After the legendary Jaguar V12 and XK I6 engines it had a hard act to follow. For a quad cam 32V V8 it was very compact, weighing in at only 200 kilograms (441 lb). It was ...

Rover V8 CAD

The BW35 bellhousing for the Rover V8 hasn't arrived, so I've started drawing up other parts of the engine. This may look like just another rocker box, but in fact it is actually a sign that I've decided to draw the Rover V8 engine. I reckon, long before the drawings ...

Escort MK2 Steering Rack

It's not obvious from this drawing but a standard Ford Escort MK2 steering rack is not ideal. The rack needs to be mounted where it clears the front Cosworth 4x4 diff. In this case a long way forward. The steering arms on the custom uprights would be nearly 30% longer than ...

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is now taking shape. I was beginning to think that I would never find a Sierra Diff! Nearly a year of surfing and hundreds of bids later, I have a gem of a diff. When I opened it up, there was zero signs of wear and the ...

Modified Front Sierra Differential

Unlike the Rear Sierra Differential, the front differential is not located along the vehicles' centre-line. The prop-shaft driving the front diff exits the side of the MT75 gearbox and travels forward to the front differential bolted to the side of the sump. The front differential mounts only to the engine's ...

Sierra 4x4 Front Driveshaft Cover

This Sierra 4x4 Front Driveshaft Cover forms part of the Cosworth front axle assembly normally bolts to the nearside of the sump. In this design however, it will be mounted to a custom axle assembly. The cover would normally bolt to the right hand side of the sump / shaft assembly ...

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