Kit Car 4wd Front Differential

Fitting the front diff has been one of the hardest parts of this build so far.

The Rover V8 is not a huge engine but still finding room has been tricky.

Changing the front timing chain cover has proved very successful. The differential has been angled forward by 5°.

The Rover V8 Serpentine front cover has a internal oil pump and this allows room for the front prop UJ. There is even room for the standard oil filter. I was expecting to need a remote oil filter but with just a small re-shuffle, I am a very happy boy!

The cantilever DRZ400 pull rod and bell crank front suspension fits – IT ALL FITS!☺

The prop-shaft will be a special, made from a thin xr4x4 prop joined to a custom front end and transit central bearing.

So much so, this weekend I’m am going to make some brackets and get the real diff mounted.

I am using a rare Sierra 2.0 4×4 front diff with a 3.91:1 ratio, but I have a couple of spare 3.62:1 for mocking up purposes.

Kit Car 4x4

I now have all the pieces cut ready to take to the specialist TIG welding company. It'll look much better once all the sticky tape is removed! There was a stage when I was worried that the assembly would be a little weak, yet this mock-up is roughly stuck together ...

Sierra Front Differential Part II

Sorry, but there is not much to show again this week. I ran out of welding wire and the reel I ordered on Fleabay still hasn't arrived. The same applies to the aluminium plate, aluminium tubes, gasket set and bolts. I'm rubbish at excuses when it cold........... What remains of ...

Sierra 3.9:1 Front Differential

It's been a few weeks since my last blog and for good reason. My project has a new home. I had to knock down walls and do some pretty scary electrics, but the work is coming to an end. The next job is a heavy duty chassis table. More good ...

Modified Front Sierra Differential

Unlike the Rear Sierra Differential, the front differential is not located along the vehicles' centre-line. The prop-shaft driving the front diff exits the side of the MT75 gearbox and travels forward to the front differential bolted to the side of the sump. The front differential mounts only to the engine's ...

Front Axle Assembly

I'm not going to use the Cosworth sump, so I will need to replace this assembly. Normally the diff bolts directly to the side of the sump, however with this design the shaft that would run through the sump now runs in front of the engine. The front suspension axle ...

Sierra 4x4 Front Driveshaft Cover

This Sierra 4x4 Front Driveshaft Cover forms part of the Cosworth front axle assembly normally bolts to the nearside of the sump. In this design however, it will be mounted to a custom axle assembly. The cover would normally bolt to the right hand side of the sump / shaft assembly ...

Ford Sierra Front Stub Axle

I'm getting better at the CAD stuff. The latest item to get drawn up is the Sierra Group N front stub axles. When I started learning AutoCad this would have taken me days if not weeks to draw. These took about under an hour to measure up and they ...

4x4 Haynes Roadster

I've started to mock up the front 4x4 system. In CAD everything looked extremely tight. I spent ages moving components back and forth to get everything to fit. So far, in the mock up. There looks like bags of room. When I say 'bags' I mean a good 6-7mm! ...

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