Mocking up the front wing

Wooden Buck Wing

The bonnet was getting close but from some angles I couldn’t make up my mind whether it looked right. I needed to mock up the front wings

Curves on cars can create optical illusions and these need checking out in 3D. By adding the 37 Chevy style bonnet sides, it made the bonnet tip look much lower than the bonnet sides even though they were level. From some some angles it looked like it had a droopy nose.

Checy sty;e bonnetThe buck has seen better days but it actually still helps me visualise how the body is going to look.

I needed to check what these would look like with the wings in place so I dragged the remains of the old buck out of storage and propped it into place.

Wooden Buck Wing

With the wooden wings propped into place, the droop now becomes more of a swept back look. Once I have the grille mocked up, hopefully the optical illusion will be completely corrected.

The bonnet sides are currently smooth, but will need two sets of vents. Fresh air inlets for the heater (IVA regs) and for air exiting the engine bay. That of course has been the subject of many coffees and ponders…

Wooden Buck Wing

Tastes wise, I’d quite like to keep this car quite pre-war Aero themed, with a bit of steam punk thrown in. The shape also lends in shape quite well to a bit of Art Deco.

Wooden Buck WingI’ve watched my Ron Covell Scratch Building a Fender DVD repeatedly and I will try to make the main body of the wing in 3 pieces. I’ll add the pods for the R51 Mini headlamps as separate units.

I don’t think I’ll get my panel beating as shiny as Ron’s, especially given my workshop roof has panels missing and rust forms as I work. My bodywork will get a good skim of filler, but that will wait till the end of the build.

Before I attempt the wings I need to finish the bonnet, the slam panel and the bonnet sides. With those done, I’ll start the grill. I may even need to make a couple of small bracing panels to prevent panel flex, as currently it’s hard to keep everything aligned.

It took me 3 attempts to make the bonnet and after 10 months I’m nowhere near finished. How long do you reckon a super complicated pair of matching wings will take? hhhhmmmm


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