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English Wheel Homemade DIY

DIY English Wheel

A DIY English Wheel from scrap steel tube and an old Lathe tail-stock? Surely that's not possible? - Well I thought I give it a go.
EC43R BIVA Glass codes

Basic IVA Glass EC43R

I needed some Basic IVA glass for my Hot Rod. This Hot Rod will need BIVA testing to get a registration and VIN number. Therefore it needs EC43R marked glass.…
dimple die hole swage 32mm

Dimple Die / Hole Swage CAD drawings

Dimple die or Hole swage tools add that 'trick' look to any fabricated Steel or Aluminium project. They not only lighten a panel, with careful choice of size, they actually…
Hidden Hinge Clearance

Hidden Hinge Clearance

I finally got my hidden hinge working as previously I was having problems with it fouling just before the second stop. I’m not good at imagining things in 3 dimensions,…

Anti Dive Geometry

As a vehicle brakes, the front has a tendency to dive. This can cause the car to become unpredictable and therefore it is important to minimise this effect. Anti-Dive geometry…
Haynes Roadster Rear Upright – modified

Haynes Roadster Rear Upright

Haynes Roadster Rear Suspension is quite basic. Why not spice up the mix with Anti Squat, camber, caster and toe in and out adjustment, just like a Formula 1 race…
Side Window Curvature

Side window curvature

You see renderings of concept cars all the time, but this Haynes Roadster rebody will actually get built and will use standard production parts. Finding the right ones is hard.
Granada Rear Hub

Granada Rear Hubs

Haynes Roadsters can use some pretty old parts, that will turn up in rather rusty condition. These Granada rear hubs were cleaned up using electrolysis and the results even surprised…


Sierra Cosworth 4×4 Sump Differential

Front Axle Assembly

For this Haynes Roadster build I'm going to use a Ford Sierra Front differential but the Cosworth sump will be thrown away. To regain some strength some new mounts will…
Ford Sierra Tripod Differential

Sierra Tripod Differential

Like many Locosts or Haynes Roadsters this build will use a Sierra Tripod Differential. Drawing it up in AutoCad has taken quite a few lunch hours!. I did notice that…
Escort Cosworth Diff

Sierra Cosworth Differential

Finding a Ford Escort Cosworth 4x4 LSD Diff for this Locost / Haynes Roadster build has taken ages. The prices are rocketing and the choices are getting limited. Luckily, I…
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