Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is now taking shape. I was beginning to think that I would never find a Sierra Diff! Nearly a year of surfing and hundreds of bids later, I have a gem of a diff. When I opened it up, there was zero signs of wear and the oil looked bottle fresh.

I thought I paid over the odds, but already I’ve seen several at twice what I paid 5 weeks ago. If you see one, buy it now!

This Haynes Roadster rear suspension employs off-road motorbike, triple adjustable, shock absorbers that are actuated via bell cranks and push rods. This gives a rising spring rate during roll.

30% Anti Squat has also been incorporated to give a leveller ride during acceleration.

The rear suspension was designed using Kangaloosh and SuspEdit; vehicle modelling systems not just popular with the gaming community but also high profile race teams.

The Lobro ‘Ford Sierra Diff’ is a 7″ unit is actually from a low mileage Ford Escort Cosworth 4×4 (3.62:1 LSD). The hubs are from a 5 stud Ford Scorpio 24v. The plan is to use huge vented Audi rear discs and calipers, so I will probably need to address the smaller Scorpio 273mm hubs at a later date.

I been lucky enough to get hold of ‘new, old stock’ CV joints, wheel bearings, diff rebuild kit and gators. The shocks are also very low mileage but are from race bikes, so may have seen hard use – I wait to see how they perform.

I have used several clevis joints each side. This should enable a large range of adjustment of virtually all suspension parameters. If I am not happy with the handling decided for me by the modelling software, I will be able to change it.

The reason why I have gone 5 stud is that I have Audi 19×8 wheels.

When I am fully over my current illness, I’ll spark up the welder!

Locost CAD rear suspension

Sierra Tripod Differential

The Sierra Diff was quite hard to measure and draw up. I started with the push in shaft 7" 'Tripod' version. Most of the time drawing up this Ford Sierra Differential was taken during the measurement stages. When there are so many dimensions to be taken you almost need a 3D ...

Sierra 100mm Stub Axle

There is a choice of two sizes for the Ford Sierra Rear Stub Axle : 100mm 108mm For this project I've chosen (read bought) 100mm rear stub Axles (27 spline). Again, I've been lucky and got a pair of brand new Ford Sierra Cosworth Group N stub axles. Another bargain. Luckily, they ...

Locost Push Rod Rear Suspension

I've finally got around to making the Push Rod Rear Suspension. (NB. I'll use lock nuts on final assembly) For some reason, I think it was a lack of threaded inserts, I hadn't made the push rods. This meant that the car could never be put down on it's wheels. ...


Front suspension design has been complicated by the 4x4 running gear. It quickly became obvious that it would be impossible to use the ubiquitous Ford Mk2 Escort steering rack as it would try to pass straight through the Sierra Front diff. The push rod for the coil-over shock also tried ...

Granada Rear Hubs

Sometimes, when parts arrive, they look too rusty to be of any good. These Ford Granada Rear Hubs were very rusty indeed. Everywhere they stood you'd find a pile of rust flakes. The hub on the left was dunked in the electrolysis bath for 4 hours. Electrolysis strips away rust without ...

Granada Axle Flange

It seems like an endless game, drawing up all these components, but the 5 Stud Granada Rear Axle flange has now been drawn up. These are the 27 spline, 5 x 112mm axle flanges from a 1986 - 1994 Ford Granada / Scorpio. Other vehicles to share the 5 x 112mm stud pattern are: Ford Galaxy Mercedes ...

Sierra Rear Shafts

How do they measure Sierra Rear Shafts? There are obviously different length versions made, but even ones that appear the same length have subtle differences. Take these two shafts, at first glance they appear very similar. But one uses an both inner and outer split rings(bottom)and the other ...

Coil-over Shock

Motorbikes are a great source for coil over shock absorbers! Just be careful about spring rates. The '94 Yamaha R6 has some great shock absorbers but the spring rates are too high for a Locost or Haynes Roadster. Various sources suggest as low as 260lbs/in for smaller engine cars ...

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