Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor Plate – part 3

I’ve been having fun converting my Rover V8 to Sierra Cosworth MT75 4×4.

When you find  the correct solution to a problem, sometimes it makes previous efforts look like a waste of effort.

The BW35 Bell-housing from an automatic P5 Rover V8 looks pretty near perfect. The Prop-shaft will still need a UJ (in this application) but everything else looks great.

I’ll still have to cut the MT75 bell-housing off and weld on an adaptor plate. There is also the task of cutting a whole and welding on a clutch cable mount.

I have a bronze (or brass?) central bearing for the rear of the crank shaft, this will need turning out to the same size as the larger Sierra MT75 shaft. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use a Transit clutch (Ford Transit Mk5 1994-2000), the same 9.5″ diameter as the Rover LT77 Clutch and 23 spline to match the Sierra gearbox.

I think you can appreciate I am definitely one step forward.

Rover V8 to MT75 gearbox conversion

Rover V8 to MT75 conversion

Rover V8 BW35 Automatic Gearbox Bellhousing

The whole ethos of the Locost and Haynes Roadster is to make it up as you go along. Hopefully, I’ll have the first V8 Haynes Roadster 4×4 ☺

Rover V8 4x4 Haynes Roadster

The gearbox is welded and fitted! The MT75 4x4 gearbox has been TIG welded to a 1960's BW35 auto bell-housing from a P5B Rover Coupe. The welding was tricky but went very well in the end and from some angles it could be mistaken for a factory built box. ...

Rover V8 Sierra Clutch

As you can see in the picture above the Rover V8 Clutch (right) is much bigger than the Sierra clutch left. How did I quickly and very cheaply solve this problem? The Rover V8 has a 272mm clutch. The Sierra has a 241mm clutch. The splines are also different between ...

Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor - part 4

This is an MT75 4x4 gearbox from a 2.0lt turbo Sierra Sapphire Cosworth. The bell-housing bolt pattern is much smaller than that of the Rover V8. Unfortunately, the bell-housing is not removable, so I am cutting it off with a hacksaw. It may seem a little Low-Tech and indeed there ...

Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor Plate - part2

Will the Borg Warner 35 Auto bellhousing mate to the MT75 manual? Can I cut it up to make a Rover V8 to MT75 adaptor plate? I was having one of those mental blind-spots. For some reason, because I was trying to mate the Sierra Cosworth MT75 manual gearbox to the ...

Rover V8 to MT75 Adaptor Plate

The goal is to mate the Rover V8 up to a Ford MT75 gearbox. Therefore I had 2 choices: Use an Rover V8 to MT75 adaptor plate Use a complete LT77 bell-housing and remove the integral MT75 bell-housing and weld on a mounting plate. Seeing as I could not find anyone ...

Rover V8 Plenum Chamber

Rover V8 PlenumThis might just look like a Rover V8 Plenum Chamber, but in fact it will enable me to judge bonnet height. The Rover V8 engine is quite tall compared to others I've looked at and I am determined not to have a huge bonnet bulge that looks like a hideous ...

Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover

Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover for short water pump. What's the shortest water pump assembly that can be fitted to the Rover V8? The Rover 3500 SD1 had a very similar front timing cover to that of it's predecessor, the P6. The P6 timing chain cover always suffered from a poor ...

Rover V8 Lifter Valley

This is my Rover V8 3.5 Vitesse engine. I was planning upon stripping every last nut and bolt, but...... When the outside is covered in ¼" of thick oil, I was not expecting this! I've not cleaned it, that really is golden aluminium. No doubt, with a quick rub, it would sparkle ...

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