Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover Part 3

What is a Serpentine Front Cover?

Will it save me the room I need?

The Rover V8 serpentine timing chain cover was fitted to ‘interim’ Land Rovers, long after the demise of the SD1 Rover.

The engine I have, is from an SD1 Vitesse and unfortunately I am having problems fitted the front Sierra 4×4 diff and prop-shaft so that it clears the prop-shaft.

Unlike the SD1 and earlier P6 models the Serpentine had a built in oil pump. Unlike later models it still has a distributor. Some may say ‘loose the distributor and run a Mega-Squirt’, and normally I would say OK, but I also have a early tweaked ECU for no money.

In the drawings the SD1 timing chain cover and oil pump are shown in silver. The Red is the Serpentine Timing Chain Cover with internal oil pump.

Rover V8 Serpentine Front Cover

Vitally for me, the fitting for the oil filter is fractionally lower and 9mm closer to the crank pulley. There is also an extra space saving from the internal oil pump and pressure switch.

Rover V8 Serpentine Timing Chain Cover

I hope is going to be a case of adding this new part to the engine in my CAD model and everything being well. However, I know there is little chance. The trouble with building this type of One Off Kit Car, is nothing ever works to plan. What you spend hours on, will probably end in the bin.

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Rover V8 Timing Chain Cover

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